Oulu: A Social Ecosphere

Oulu: A Social Ecosphere
Artists: Marinella Senatore, Leonardo Petrucci
Curated: Mike Watson
Performances 13th March
From 7pm, Market Square and Polar Bear Pitching site, Oulu
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Finding the right move – Petrucci

Art can instigate small changes, when it starts with respect and moderation,” said Marinella Senatore, an Italian artist who assembles public performances…” The New York Times

If climate change and immigration have become today’s global challenges, our generation’s failing may reside in its inability to provide a worldwide response.

Weather is felt, just like other effects of nature, on a personal level. However, its effects rebound on the global and social sphere.

People and nature co-exist. As such, the art project The Social Ecosphere, curated by British born curator and Oulu resident Mike Watson invites two international Artists, Marinella Senatore and Leonardo Petrucci to Oulu to engage in workshops with local residents that will result in performances to be held on March 13th in Oulu Market Square.

Marinella Senatore will continue her internationally acclaimed School of Narrative Dance, a workshop and performance event which aims to educate local dancers, performers, musicians and students of all ages by conceiving a ‘narrative dance’ for Oulu to take place on March 13th. Workshops will take place between March 10th and 13th and anyone is welcome to participate. Marinella has performed the School of Narrative Dance in over 25 cities across the world, including London, Venice, Berlin, Miami, New York, Zurich, and Shenzen.

Leonardo Petrucci will host a workshop from 10-13th March around the game of chess, inviting participants to construct a life-sized chess board on the site of Polar Bear Pitching 2019, upon which local people will play the part of chess pieces during a performance to be held on 13th March. A second part of the work will feature a standard sized indoor chess game featuring pieces made from ice. The aim will not only be to beat your opponent using the rules of chess, but to do so before the pieces melt, reflecting the challenges of climate change today.


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