Evi Keller. Stèles, Jeanne Bucher Jaeger Gallery

27.02.2021 — 17.04.2021
Jeanne Bucher Jaeger Gallery
The Gallery is pleased to present a new solo exhibition of the German artist Evi Keller.
Opening : Saturday 27 February 2021
Exhibition : 27.02 – 17.04.2021
Evi Keller
Marais Space

immagine per Evi Keller, Matière-Lumière [Stèle]
Evi Keller, Matière-Lumière [Stèle], ML-V-20-0709, 2020
© Jeanne Bucher Jaeger
Art starts with transmutation and continues with metamorphosis.
Henri Focillon

Whether it be a stone erected on the side of a path, a funeral monolith, or a votive piece of wood, a stela has the beauty of a written page, the enigmatic presence of a decisive encounter; it is also Latin for star.
Evi Keller’s stelae are radiant fragments of a Whole in a state of perpetual becoming, Matière-Lumière, a work that is a true world.

For several years the artist has been working on her own, like the anchorite monks meditating in the folds of a grotto, entirely devoting herself to this long-haul endeavor that is Matière-Lumière. Treading the path of a few elders, Joseph Beuys and Mark Tobey among them, (one also seems to glimpse Fautrier’s Otages, or some paintings by Sam Francis), Evi Keller magically transforms external materials into actual substances, she gathers together scattered pieces of a diffracted world, the infinitely small and the infinitely large.

With her, art is no longer a game, a provocation or a performance; it renews an ancient practice, the transmutation of elements. According to Henri Focillon, the artist who enters deeply into the mysteries of Creation “builds herself a physics and a mineralogy, she is first and foremost a craftsperson, her palms are black and torn from tackling weighty and burning matter.”

Indeed, if Evi Keller’s works incorporate painting, photography, sculpture, and video, they do not belong to any known genre.

These Saturnian and solar pieces are, above all, pieces of matter transfigured by light, simple lead transformed into gold. (…) More informations

Olivier Schefer

*Olivier Schefer is a writer and a philosopher. He teaches Aesthetics at the Université Paris I Sorbonne.  A translator and interpreter of Novalis, he devotes his research to the artistic and spiritual resonances of German Romanticism.

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